Treatments for children

Shiatsu is an easy and accessible way to treat children’s complaints

Thing you can do at home
Shiatsu means literally ‘finger pressure’. We apply subtle pressure on meridians and acupuncture points to activate the natural body energy (Qi). Shiatsu restores the energy balance in your body and effects both the symptoms and underlying courses of complaint. Shiatsu is given through the clothes.

Shiatsu is very effective for young children with complaints such as headache, upset stomach in the morning, neck and shoulder strains. Also, asthma (and other airways complaints) and allergies. In case of allergy, children sometimes receive strong medication at very early age.

Because at Ki-Do Center we treat the root courses of complaints, shiatsu will reduce your symptoms and complaints or make them manageable.

Shiatsu provides a great and easy way to treat children. To enhance the effect of the treatment, children might be advised to do Do-In meridian stretching at home. Kids usually like it: we teach them how to do the stretching and they do it at home. We also teach parents to massage specific pressure points, to make the treatment of their child even more effective.

Shiatsu ie heel geschikt voor kinderen