Privacy Policy Ki-Do center

General Data Protection Regulation (AVG)

General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) is the new European privacy law which addresses the challenges of the digital era we are living at. This law offers more rights to the customers and requires more responsibility from organizations and companies regarding how they treat (digital) personal data. The Personal Data Authority imposes compulsory measures to the companies.

Register of (personal data) Processing:
The Ki-Do center is responsible for your personal data. We follow the advice of our professional association Zhong: we keep the data according to the Processing Register. The Register contains information on why we collect your personal data, how we process it, keep it and protect it e.g. from data leakage.

Personal data:
We ask for personal data such as name, address, postcode and place where you live, telephone number, email address, birthdate. We need this data for our administration and invoices. This name and address data are kept in our digital address database, the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and are stated in the invoice. Invoices are sent by Ki-Do Center directly to you and not to third parties (also not to health insurance companies). It’s your responsibility to submit the invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement. An electronic copy of the invoice is kept within the financial administration of the Ki-Do Center.

Based on The Act on the Medical Treatment Agreement (WGBO) the care provider is obliged to keep medical records. All data which we ask for during our intake is relevant for your complaints, such as diagnosis, use of medications and supplements, operations etc. This data is necessary for diagnosis and treatment. Mail communication concerning the treatments is processed within EPR, after which the email will be deleted. The intake form can be downloaded from our website and you fill it out and bring it with you for your first appointment. After the intake appointment, you will get the intake form back.

Protecting and keeping:
All data are treated strictly confidential and kept in EPR. The data are protected with passwords and can be accessed only by the Ki-Do therapists. The legal retention period for medical records is 15 years. For children it’s longer. As therapists we have duty of confidentiality, based on professional code as well as medical confidentiality regulated by law. Every client has right of access to his/her file and can receive a copy of it. We provide information to the third parties (General Practitioners, medical specialist, government) only by your permission. And in case of children younger than 16 years old, only after explicit consent from the parents. You can also ask for deletion of your file fr