Practical information

How can we help you?

Here you can find practical information about our Ki-Do Center. For example, you can read which complaints can be treated effectively with acupuncture or shiatsu, and what you should and should not do before and after the treatment. You can find out what courses and workshops we offer and what are the costs.

Do you have a specific question? Check if you can find the answer in Frequently Asked Questions section.

Regarding the treatment

From complaint to treatment
Acupuncture, shiatsu of Do-In Yoga: treatment which fits you best.

The first session starts with an intake which consists of questions, observation, location of pain points and diagnosis. Based on this information we decide which treatment addresses your complaints best.

Please fill out the intake form and bring it with you for your first appointment. It will help us to understand and address your complaints better.

“Marlies is very focused and passionate. She treats with lots of attention and her explanation is based on knowledge and is very clear.” Elly