Do-In Yoga

Do-in is an old yoga form used to prevent complaints

Exercises with a positive effect on body and mind
In Eastern medicine the natural body energy (Qi) is the basis for well-being, both physical and mental.
Do-In is Eastern form of yin-yoga aimed at preventing physical complaints and illnesses. Just like other Asian disciplines, such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Do-In is based upon a system of exercises for meridian stretching, meditation and strengthening your middle area: Hara (abdominal area).
The stretches and other exercises are executed slowly, paying constant attention to breathing.
The specific stretching exercises stimulate the meridians, thus making the Qi flow smoothly through the body.
And it’s exactly this which has a positive effect on body and mind. By practicing Do-In regularly both body and mind become more supple and the health complaints are prevented.

Do-In can be practiced by everyone. It allows you to influence the energy flow in your body and to maintain your balance in a very pleasant way, without forcing anything. Besides, it’s easy to practice at home. It’s suitable for both beginners and those who are more advanced.

Do-In stretching exercises complement the acupuncture and shiatsu treatments which you could receive at our practice.

“For me, do-in is the weekly maintenance of my body: all the energy lines get attention. I always feel energized after the class.” Joris.

Do-In classes and workshops

We teach Do-In in weekly classes.
During the class we combine the meridian stretching exercises, breathing and meditation t