At the Hospital

Treatments at the hospital

Ki-Do Center provides shiatsu, acupuncture, chair massage and do-in yoga at the hospital.

Acupuncture and shiatsu for patients
We can combine our knowledge of the Western medicine and the Eastern healing methods with our therapeutic experience. That makes it possible to guarantee a high-quality treatment which supports your regular medical treatment. Depending on the circumstances and in consultation we can provide treatments at the patient’s room.

Sick leave among employees decreased due to shiatsu and chair massage.
Job satisfaction survey among employees of the Bronovo hospital and Nebo nursing home, conducted at 2015, pointed out that our shiatsu treatments and chair massages contributed to the decline of the sick leave. If you want to receive more information about our treatment options for employees, do not hesitate to contact us.

Luuk Zuurendonk in ‘Second People Hospital in Qing Dao

Luuk at ‘Second People Hospital in Qing Dao’

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