Acupuncture restores the energy balance in your body

Classic Chinese theory and Japanese treatment techniques
Acupuncture is an important treatment method in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s a system of philosophy, physiology and diagnostics, where both psychological and emotional as well physical and environmental factors are linked together. Treatment is based on anamnesis, observation, tongue and pulse diagnosis, whereby all the important factors are brought together in connection with each other.

Acupuncture makes use of energy lines (meridians) running through our body.
The acupuncture restores the energy balance of the body (Qi) by using tiny sterile needles. These needles remove blockages and stagnations in the body and activate the body’s natural ability to heal. This influences the balance in the body and ensures that the symptoms and their causes disappear.

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Where necessary and in consultation with you, we combine acupuncture with shiatsu, possibly complemented by Do-In exercises and additional treatment techniques.

Japanese acupuncture

Ki-Do center is specialized in Japanese acupuncture style of