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The Ki-Do Center continuously verifies and deepens their knowledge in practice

Practical and effective acupuncture, shiatsu and Do-In Yoga
Marlies Koot and Luuk Zuurdonk are the founders of Ki-Do Center. Their treatments and advice are practical but always based upon substantial theoretical knowledge which they share with their clients wholeheartedly. Both Marlies and Luuk are keen to stay up to date with their knowledge and they invest continuously in follow up courses and training programs. They apply what they learn in practice and observe the effects of the treatments closely, thus deepening and fine tuning their expertise.

Marlies Koot

Marlies Koot Kido

From occupational therapist to Japanese acupuncture

“I am always looking for combination of treatments that really work”
“I have always wanted to become an acupuncturist but at that time there was no professional education in The Netherlands. My alternative was becoming an occupational therapist for rehabilitatio